About Me

"To truly be revolutionary, one cannot be reactionary."


I am more than a simple timeline of work histories and a bulleted list of skills. 

That means I am a devoted husband and father, vinyl record collector, screen printer, storyteller, vintage comic nerd, fan of 1970s Japanese Sci-fi tv shows, video gamer, and modular synth enthusiast—to name a few. And it’s those interests, hobbies, and roles in my life that directly influence the projects I take on and how I design them, from concept to completion.

But industry experience has its place in my story as well, and after spending more than 25 years working in various design roles and disciplines, I can say that my strengths lie in team building, mentoring, creating calm instead of chaos, and crafting creative conceptual thinking. Above all else, my greatest assets are the successes and failures of those experiences, and the ability to apply the wisdom gained from them.