My Process

“What we need are fewer choices, that are more interesting”

–Brian Eno


Think inside the box, because thinking “outside the box" is a luxury for people with unlimited budgets, or time machines.

If truth be told, everything exists within a box. Sometimes the box is a timeline, while in other instances it’s a budget or a limited pool of resources. But successful outcomes rely on the ability to find a solution that fits within the box, by using the box as an advantage. And that comes through the use of a time-tested process, which is essential for maintaining an organized workflow that concludes with a successful solution.

But I don’t believe in just one process to rule them all…I have been around long enough to understand the difference between fads and trends, and structure and stubbornness. What I do plant my flag on is a living process, one that is flexible to random challenges, varying resources, and the myriad unknowns along the way.